The home buying process can be difficult, bringing the fear that you may never find your dream home. Your fears can vanish with Carter & Roque Real Estate. With their patient, open, and well-informed agents, they make the process as painless as possible to make sure your dream home becomes a reality.

Owners Donny Carter and Meg Roque opened the firm in January 2011. They were young compared to other realtors; “The average age for a realtor is well over 40,” Meg stated, but thanks to the support of Frostburg, their business flourished. The company sells single family homes, commercial properties, and rental apartments in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia areas. They sold 90 houses last year, 95 houses this year, and 900 appraisals were achieved.

The company is tech savvy and frequently updates their various social media accounts such as: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Jessica McNalley, marketing director for Carter & Roque, keeps the platforms updated with home tips, entertainment, fun facts, new homes, regulations, and local and national news that could impact the real estate industry. They also spread the word about new houses on the market through newspaper advertisements, and flyers. In this day and age, however, most people find houses on their own and contact a realtor. Recently, Carter & Roque closed their Cumberland office because of a lack of foot traffic. “Everything is online now. You can work from home in your pajamas if you want to,” Meg laughed, “The business is becoming online driven.”

Carter and Roque’s slogan, “Your Hometown Real Estate Company,” signifies the owners and staff are locally situated and always available to address their customers’ needs.

Meg declares, “Franchises such as Coldwell Banker and Long & Foster are nationally recognized names, and that’s wonderful. However, the broker and owner of those companies are not from here and that’s frustrating.” At Carter and Roque, however, clients are able to call and meet with the owners directly. Another benefit of using a local real estate service rather than a nationally-known chain is the staff’s knowledge of community happenings, as Donny, Meg, and their staff sell homes in their own neighborhoods. Above all, customer service is the main goal at Carter and Roque. Past clients have raved about the staff’s knowledge and patience, and positive customer experiences are the key to gaining more exposure.

Donny and Meg love their jobs and the Frostburg community. The real estate business offers flexible hours, which gives them time to spend with family and give back to the community. As a business, Carter & Roque invests in the community through sponsoring local sports teams and contributing to annual events such as Storybook Holiday, Pirates Ahoy!, Arts Walk, and local food drives. In addition to business sponsorship, Donny and Meg also individually support Frostburg. Donny is the Commissioner of Finance for the City of Frostburg and coaches soccer and little league teams, and Meg is active with Frostburg United Methodist Church, the Frostburg Food Pantry, and the American Red Cross. Meg laughs, “I always joke that I married into Frostburg; it’s my home now.”

We asked them, What is it like to be business partners? “It’s okay,” Donny chuckled, as Meg rolled her eyes. Meg finished, “We complement each other. Donny is more the business, and I have more of the personal touch.” They each bring different perspectives to the table, which is why their partnership works so well.

Meg and Donny claim, “We have a reputation to uphold,” not only for their business, but for the community as well. For this reason, this dynamic duo and their talented staff will stop at nothing to ensure the best home-buying experience for their clients.