By: Carolyne Jonas


Have you ever created or crafted an object, stepped back, and loved the result? Chris Hendershot and Garrett Eagan have that feeling every time they walk in to Cartridges Galore. “We created this.”

Chris thought of the idea, while they were thrifting for household items. They started going to yard sales and in the process, they found games. “Our [personal game] collection came first. As we started getting duplicates, we started putting them [for sale] online.” It started with advertising on Facebook; they sold to individual customers, who would ask where their business was located. “We came to the realization that not everybody wants to meet some random person in the middle of the night at a like Sheetz… people are going to be cautious about that,” Eagan jokes. At that point, Chris knew it was time to open a store and look for space.

Their first store opened in Cumberland, Maryland and began with advertising about their grand opening on billboards, T.V. commercials, and radio broadcast. When the store opened, their Facebook page blew up! “Facebook was huge for us… it allowed us to reach a variety of people from different areas.” One location soon changed to 6 locations with Frostburg being one, which is currently operating at 53 E. Main Street.

What makes Cartridges Galore so different from the rest of the video game companies is they cater to all games and systems, old and new. They are “a buy, sell, and trade business,” matching competitor prices like GameStop and amazon games and systems.

Fun Fact: All of the games in the store (price wise) end in 37 cents. (C is the third letter and G is the seventh letter of the alphabet). “We like to add our little touches everywhere.”

The main goal is customer service; they want people to feel welcome and employees are responsible for making sure that customers have a unique and comfortable experience.

“We are locally employed… we want to take care of every single customer and give them that feeling of community,” Garrett declares, “We appreciate anyone who gives us their business, so treating people right is so important.”

Cartridges Galore is living up to their expectations. Facebook is filled with 220 reviews of how the employees were friendly and knowledgeable. “Never be afraid to go the extra mile for a client,” Eagan says. They have even had employees drive to customers’ houses to set up a game systems.

Eagan and Hendershot enjoy working together, they both complement each other when it comes to business. “Chris is more into book keeping, accounting, and the finances and business ideas to get people in the door,” meanwhile Eagan is more the hands-on, working with the employees, and building the stores. “So we mesh really well together. We’ve known each other forever, so there’s a comfort level there.”

They love the community of Frostburg; they knew first-hand how supportive the local families are with small rising businesses. Frostburg is a great town, Eagan; “people are so interactive and the community does well with keeping the businesses involved.”

They have reached their goal of opening ten locations; they recently expanded to mall kiosks in Frederick and State College, PA.

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