Josh Brown – Local Pottery

Josh Brown - Local Pottery

Meet Josh Brown, local potter and (recent) painter. Chances are, you’ve seen Josh around town, or at least you’ve probably seen his work. Next time you’re in Dante’s holding a handmade mug or been to Shift using a mini handmade creamer, look on the bottom to find Josh’s name inscribed in the bottom.


Born in California and raised in Minnesota, Josh traveled to Frostburg in 1991 and has been a resident ever since.


Josh began throwing pottery in high school and apprenticed shortly after in Northern Minnesota. His craft has developed through the years, and he uses both stoneware and porcelain and mixes his own glazes. He fires his work in a kiln he designed and built himself.


You can find Josh at the McHenry Art and Wine Festival and the Oakland, MD Autumn Glory Festival. He also participates in Frostburg Arts Walks and the Allegany Arts Council’s Art Sale and Tour. He also host shows and open houses at his studio in Zihlman.


Visit his Facebook Page for more information on Josh’s work.