Curtis & Grammy Kind Kids began in 2004 when business owner Ella Holly began writing children’s books for her grandson Curtis. They lived far away from each other, and she hoped to connect with him by making him the lead in her stories about a little boy and his super-spy Grammy who has the power of kindness. So far she has written five books and has plans for more.


Since 2004, interest in the books has grown. They are distributed to Elementary schools and requested by parents everywhere. In order to keep up with demand, Ella pushed her voice over career to the back burner and Curtis & Grammy Kind Kids was born.


Curtis & Grammy Kind Kids, now located at 27 East Main Street, is a multi-faceted business providing both retail and experiential services to kids and their families. The newly renovated Main Street storefront sells all five books (beautifully illustrated by Josie Murray), an activity book, and a great deal of Curtis & Grammy merchandise including hats, rulers, totes, frisbees, shirts, and more.


Ella plans to engage in more fun and educational classes and activities at the new locations, including etiquette courses and “Harley the Dog’s Dream Time Travel” children’s meditation program that helps kids unlock their future goals. She explains, “when I say etiquette, I don’t mean what fork to use.” It’s about making it second nature for kids to think “How can I help you?” Ella’s goal with Curtis & Grammy Kind Kids is to “instill a service mentality and kindness in youth.”


In the future, Curtis & Grammy’s hopes to have guests from different occupations partner with children to show them what their futures could be and help push them forward. Ella also hopes the books will be picked up for television or film someday!


Ella loves being able to have a family-oriented space in Frostburg. She raised three sons here after leaving Pennsylvania in the 1970s and now her “babies and have babies and [she loves] to watch the generations grow.”


For more information check out Curtis & Grammy Kind Kids on Facebook or stop by 27 East Main Street and visit!



Dana Bridges, FrostbirgFirst Marketing & Communications Coordinator

May 2019