As small businesses around the country continue to suffer financial fallout due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FrostburgFirst is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the COVID-19 Small Business Relief Mini-Grant Program.

By repurposing grant funds allocated by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Main Street Improvement Program, FrostburgFirst was able to offer Frostburg small business owners financial assistance and discounted packages to develop e-commerce and online marketing. Based on a national survey of small businesses by Main Street America, over 60% of small businesses do not have websites or online sales. Research indicates that online discoverability and sales will be a key component in successfully navigating the business environment in a COVID-19 impacted world.

FrostburgFirst’s program provides immediate cash flow in the form of mini-grants to help with expenses such as website development or improvement, development of e-commerce, online marketing, marketing or e-commerce consulting services, social media development and advertising.

The Frostburg business community has made incredible efforts to adapt to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. FrostburgFirst’s priority is to ease the transition to new business models and ensure that Frostburg small businesses thrive.

Collaboration from local web developer Paul Maxey has been integral in making the mini-grant program effective. Paul Maxey, owner of Maxey Web Development LLC, has provided web development and digital marketing services to small businesses for over 10 years. Maxey developed discounted packages for website development or improvement, social media consulting, and e-commerce development in order to ensure that grantees can make the most of their awards.

FrostburgFirst was also able to raise an additional $1,500 through a t-shirt fundraiser supported by the community, bringing the total available funds for the program to $12,000. Awardees have been notified and funds are in the process of being disbursed. FrostburgFirst is currently working to raise more funds and hopes to reopen the mini-grant program in the summer with expanded eligible uses, including rent, payroll, and façade improvements.

FrostburgFirst is proud to serve the Frostburg community and strives to contribute to the overall quality of life for residents, to encourage tourism, and to participate in economic development that will enhance Frostburg.

To learn more about FrostburgFirst, or to donate to the mini-grant program, please call (301) 689-6900 or email