If you have a talent to share with Downtown Frostburg, show it off this year at the Annual Spring Arts Walk!

FrostburgFirst is bursting with excitement as we approach the 12th Annual Spring Arts Walk! As always, we look forward to a bustling celebration of the arts in Downtown Frostburg, an opportunity to appreciate our local small businesses, and to give artists a forum to share their talents! On Saturday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., artists will set up shop throughout Frostburg, where businesses will host specials and discounts and the community will gather to welcome Spring to Western Maryland!

The Arts Walk is designed to attract artists and craft vendors of all mediums. We pair participating local businesses with participating artists so that artists have an opportunity to show off their abilities in a physical setting during a city-wide celebration where art is at the forefront. While we already have a selection of artists and vendors involved, we are always looking for more artists to add to our roster!

As a Maryland Main Street Community, we take pride in bringing together all of the talent in Frostburg and creating opportunities with events like the Arts Walk. FrostburgFirst is ready to welcome artists and creators of all mediums to allow them to show off their talents and local small businesses are ready to celebrate the arts with discounts and specials. We design the Arts Walk as a free self-guided walking arts tour through the Frostburg Arts & Entertainment District. Artists, performers, and craft vendors partner with downtown businesses to display and sell their works during a city-wide celebration of the arts.

We are inviting artists of all kinds to participate in this Arts Walk. Whether you are a musician, a painter, a dancer, hand-crafter, or baker, YOU are invited to bring your talent to our event and to show off your skills. We certainly are not here to define art, we are here to appreciate it and promote it, so ask yourself, “am I an artist?”. If you have a talent to share, hand-crafted goods to sell, new creations for our community to enjoy, or something else cool and creative going on, we wanna know about it!

We are ready for your application! In order to sign-up to participate as a performer, artist, craft vendor, or your type of creative, simply fill out a form here! You will partner with a local business in our area to set up a pop-up location focused on your talent! You can display your work, sell pieces, perform, connect with the community, get creative, and show off what makes you a unique, creative individual!

Look out for more information about the Arts Walk coming up next month here on our website and via our Instagram and Facebook.