When you make the choice to eat local, you can find comfort in knowing that your food is made with fresh, regional ingredients. But in addition to that, you are uplifting fellow community members in the process! How good does it feel to know that you can feed your body well, and support hardworking residents of your town at the same time? And it goes without saying, on top of all of that, it tastes good! Here in Frostburg, there’s a meal for everyone! We know how it goes, Monday is meal prep day and you tell yourself that this is the new you. But as the week winds down, you hear that takeout menu calling your name…

 Well we are here to tell you that there is no shame in that, it’s a good thing! To satisfy your pizza cravings, head over to Gianni’s Pizza or LG’s Pizzeria & Pub to get yourself that perfect slice. If you’re looking to take a trip outside of American food, and explore the options of other cultures, stop by El Canelo or Shogun Japanese Restaurant for something deliciously different. Let’s say you want to go uber-local, like so local that you can watch the produce being driven from the farm to the store, stop by the Wholesome Harvest Co-Op and even get the chance to meet the community members that are making a difference!

If takeout isn’t your style, take solace in the fact that there are plenty of great sit down places to visit as well. There are coffee shops galore in our small mountain town, including Clatter Café, Mountain City Coffeehouse & Creamery, and Gladstone Beanery inside the Hotel Gunter. What about that little sweet treat that we all deserve after a long, hard day? Look no further then McFarland Candies or Lorenzo’s Bakery.

If you are doubting the validity of our argument for eating locally, you don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the facts. According to information from the University of Florida, there are several logical reasons to choose local food and businesses. When you support local businesses, that supports the local economy. You’re ensuring that there is a solid flow of revenue going through the town and various other businesses. Also, you have the ability to know how it was grown, and the safety of the process. Lastly, the less time it takes for food to get from the farm to your table, the less time the food has to develop bacteria.

Make the choice to eat local, your body, friends, and environment, will thank you for it.