We know that at the end of one year and the beginning of another it’s only tradition to come up with New Year’s resolutions: goals you want to reach, ideas you want to explore, or things in your life that you want to change! Deciding on which resolution or resolutions to make can be a tough choice limited by finances, available time, lifestyle, or lack of ideas. 


However, FrostburgFirst has a resolution to help you with your resolutions! Luckily, our wonderful small Mountain Maryland town has everything that you need to help kick your New Year’s resolution(s) into high gear right from the beginning! Long gone are the days of “last *insert sweet treat or bad habit* until I start my New Year’s resolution!” or giving up and pushing it back to next year, because Frostburg is right beside you this year to help you succeed! Check out just some of the ways you can accomplish your resolutions right here in Frostburg. 

Improved Health and Fitness

Exercising more is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. In Frostburg, exercising more could be walking, running or biking the Great Allegheny Passage. Or it could be walking Main Street. Both are great ways to achieve the exercising more resolution. Runner’s Wings is the perfect place to pick up new shoes for your fitness resolutions. 


Eating healthier is another one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Here in Frostburg you can start eating healthier with Wholesome Harvest Food Co-op. Wholesome Harvest Food Co-op is a locally owned restaurant and grocery store with tasty and healthy options. Find new recipes on Wholesome Harvest Food Co-op’s website. Another great place to find some healthy options is Mountain City Coffeehouse & Creamery. The menu at Mountain City Coffeehouse & Creamery features numerous nutritious options and features a daily vegetarian creation. The Nettle Patch Herb Shop & Apothecary has herbal products great for helping you relax. 

Learn Local History

Learn something new this year! The Frostburg Museum is a great way to learn more about Frostburg’s history. Sentence expanding on that. The Hotel Gunter has a rich history and features several local artifacts throughout the hotel. Within the Hotel Gunter, you can find The Speakeasy, a historic tasting room experience. A historic Frostburg staple would be the Princess Restaurant, which has served the area for over 70 years.

Pick up a New Hobby

Find a new hobby for the new year! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Feeling crafty? The Frostburg Fiber Depot is a fantastic place to learn how to knit. The Frostburg Fiber Depot offers a variety of knitting classes for all levels and the store carries lots of yarn for all your new year projects. The General Art Store provides a variety of art supplies for your next art piece. Get more into reading this year and pick up those books you’ve been wanting to read from Main Street Books. You can also pick up a new notebook from Main Street Books and get creative or start journaling. Get more into vinyl records with Yellow K Records and pick up your favorite album or something new.

Shop Small

This is a simple resolution that can have a big impact. You can support a small business in the area you haven’t been to yet. Supporting small businesses has a huge impact not only for the business but for you! Branch out and discover what could be your next favorite small business. Frostburg has no shortage of small businesses. Try a new local restaurant like Cafe Oasis or shop somewhere you haven’t visited yet. There are plenty of opportunities to shop small in Frostburg and support the community.