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Spring Cheer: Springtime Fun in Downtown Frostburg

Warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and birds chirping. That’s right everyone- Spring is here! Being in the mountains during the cold winter months can leave us feeling stuck and in a not so cheery mood. However, as the snow is cast away far from us, we are able to do...

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Remembering Brownsville

Black History Month is recognized across the U.S., Europe, and Canada as a month to pay tribute to people of African descent who struggled with adversity and honor their contributions to history. But what about Black History right here in Frostburg?   Frostburg’s...

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Frostburg Loves You: A weekend of Love & Promotions

Tis’ the season of love! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation by getting the perfect gift for the ones you love, including yourself. For years dating back to beyond the 17th century, people across Europe celebrated Valentine’s Day by writing...

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