Welcome to your guide on celebrating Independence Day here in the great town of Frostburg! There is a fun choice for every group: families, history nuts, foodies, and friends. Take this opportunity to reflect on the birth and growth of our beautiful country, while also getting to spend time with the ones you love. We’re not just talking about the actual day either, Frostburg has great events happening on and around July 4th, so you can tailor the fun to your busy schedules!

Derby Day 

On July 1st, stop by Main Street for Frostburg’s annual Derby Day race, hosted Frostburg Elks Lodge #470! The parade starts at 10:30 AM, and the race will start shortly after at 11 AM. Come watch as these young soapbox racers let gravity take them across the finish line, and hopefully to the top of the scoreboard. These kids have been racing like pros at the trials, so don’t let their hard work go to waste!

Historical Walking Tours

With all the fun happening, it’s easy to forget that the Fourth of July is also about history, which Frostburg does not lack. Take a historical walking tour around Frostburg, and see all the important people and buildings that helped create our town as we know it today. First stop, the Princess Restaurant, where you have the chance to sit in the same booth that President Truman and his wife did when visiting Frostburg back in 1953. Next, head over to the Hotel Gunter, where the classy ambiance invites you to explore coal mine replicas as well as a one-room jail that used to hold prisoners being transported along Old Route 40. Learn more about the rest of the tour here.

Pirates Ahoy!

Luckily for all you families out there, the fun doesn’t stop after July 4th, check out Pirate’s Ahoy, happening Saturday, July 8th! Come dressed in your best pirate costume, and get ready for a day of adventure! You get to visit a presentation given by Lee Harper, who did illustrations for the book Turkey’s Sandtastic Beach Day. But that’s not all, there’s arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, and even a waterslide! Don’t deny your kids their chance to be the best buccaneer in town! There is more information about the event at this link.

We here at FrostburgFirst hope that this guide comes in handy, as you search for the perfect ways to celebrate on and around July 4th. Come support our local soapbox racers, take your kids on a pirate adventure, and learn about all the history that our town has to offer. Use these opportunities to take advantage of the freedoms we gained on Independence Day way back when, and make Uncle Sam proud!