Find Frostburg

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General Information:

Date: May 13, 2017

Time: 1 – 3 PM

Cost: $20 per team

Teams:  Up to 5 members per team (Prizes will be award to the “team,” so a 2-person team receives the same prize as a 5-person team.)  The cost is $20 per team, regardless of team size, so round up 4 of your closest friends to play along!

No age limit/restrictions; HOWEVER, participants under 18 must be supervised by an adult at ALL times.

Registration begins at 11:30 AM.  Upon registration, ALL team members will be given a tri-fold listing of the official Find Frostburg rules.  At 12:55, ONE member of the team will be given a sealed envelope containing the list of clues.  Teams will be given the clue list simultaneously – no early distributing!  At 1:00 on the dot, the Scorekeepers will give the signal, and teams may open their envelopes and begin the scavenger hunt.  Only one clue list will be given to each team. Guard it with your life!

Teams will register using one team member’s Instagram username, along with a team name and a list of team members.  The Instagram account MUST be viewable by the public; otherwise, any submissions will not be seen by the scorekeepers.  Only one Instagram account can be registered per team.

All teams MUST register at the Registration Station located in the lawn of the new Frostburg Museum (St. Michael Church courtyard).  Submissions made by unregistered Instagram accounts WILL NOT be counted.

***If no members of the team have an Instagram account, photos can be taken with a digital camera/cell phone, and points will be tallied upon the team’s final return to the Registration Station.***

MAKE SURE YOUR CELL PHONES ARE CHARGED!!! Also make sure that your phone/camera has plenty of memory.  Taking photos will be the only means of submission.  Make sure each group has a mobile phone and contact numbers for emergency.

Scorekeepers will be following along and tracking submissions on Instagram as they come in.  You will know your submission is valid when @FrostburgFirst “likes” your photo/video.

All team members must synchronize their clocks to the Scorekeepers’ clock and must return to the St. Michael Church courtyard for a final check-in by 3 PM sharp.  Once your team has returned to the Registration Station for a final check-in, you may not submit any additional entries.  Prize winners will be announced at 3:30 PM at the Registration Station.

Prizes for winning teams: 1st, 2nd, 3rd – prizes donated by local businesses – specifics TBA


Teams are provided with a list of clues which vary in point value.  Each item on the list will have a specific point value listed with its clue – point values may be assigned according to difficulty and location.  Items that require spending money will be indicated by dollar signs ($$) preceding the clue and will have higher point value.  Save your receipts!  You will be required to show your proof of purchase to the Scorekeepers upon your return to the Registration Station in order for your submission to be counted.

Clues will lead participants to a location in town, where a prompt can be found.  The prompt will be identified by the Find Frostburg logo.

Participants will follow the instructions listed on the prompt and submit photo evidence of completion using the Instagram hashtag “#FindFrostburg” along with the secondary hashtag provided.  Participants MUST include BOTH hashtags in order for the submission to be considered valid.

Your team must stay together at all times. You may NOT split up to divide tasks. All items must be found by the team as a whole.

NO Sabotaging – NO lying – NO cheating – NO stealing – NO copying other teams’ work. Be a good sport. Have fun and try to win – but do so in good spirit. Don’t let your competitiveness ruin other peoples’ chances to win – or your own.  You will be disqualified!

Please have fun – but do so legally and safely! Please don’t break any laws!

Late loses. Your team, in its entirety, must return to the Registration Station no later than the specified time – 3:00 PM, as set by the Scorekeepers’ clock.  A one-minute grace period will be allowed; however, 1-5 minutes late results in the subtraction of 5 points, 5-10 minutes late subtracts 10 points, 10-15 minutes late subtracts 15 points, and so on.

Photo submissions MUST include at least one team member.  2 bonus points will be awarded for each photo submitted that includes ALL members of the team following the prompt.

Remember: Teams MUST return to the Registration Station before 3 PM in order to qualify for prizes.   Late submissions will be accepted, but time penalties will be subtracted from the final score.

The team who collects the most points in the set time frame (1 – 3 PM) will be named the winner!  If teams tie for points, a tie-breaker Frostburg trivia question will be asked. The first team to correctly answer the question will be named the winner.

Failure to abide by the rules – by even one team member – will result in disqualification of the entire team – no refunds – no prizes – and no questions asked.