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Tune in February 9 to Small Business Revolution to see if Frostburg makes the Top FIVE Finalists! Voting begins February 9 – February 16
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What is Small Business Revolution on Main Street?
How did Frostburg get nominated, and how were we selected as a shortlist finalist?
What does ‘shortlist finalist’ mean?
Why is Small Business Revolution Visiting on January 9?
What happens if we win the Small Business Revolution?

How will this benefit the whole community/region?

What we can we do now to help this process along?

How do we win this competition?

Useful Links:

Watch Season 1 of the Small Business Revolution on Main Street
Frostburg, MD Small Business Revolution Facebook Group
Frostburg, MD Small Business Revolution Facebook Event
Small Business Revolution Official Website
Deluxe Corporation Official Website

4 Comments on “Small Business Revolution Q & A

  1. Frostburg is Beautiful,I was born and raised in Cumberland,and went there often

  2. Love the home town of Frostburg, Maryland. Frostburg is a place where you know most people by their 1st name and enjoy the company of the people who live there. Frostburg has a lot to offer to its residents.

  3. My mother was born in 1899, has passed on in 1993. She graduated from Beall High School and graduated from Frostburg Normal and became a school teacher. She loved Frostburg. She lived in Corriganville, but her heart was always devoted to Frostburg. My Dad drove a delivery truck in Frostburg for nearly 20 years or more….he hated the freezing cold, but still loved the merchants and people of the friendly town. My husband graduated from Frostburg teachers College, my son attended there and my granddaughter graduated there in 2015. 4 generations of devoted family members. Frostburg is a classic, quaint town, well kept, preserved and cherished! We need to keep it revered and well developed!

  4. I had a jewelry store in Cumberland on the downtown cumberland mall, I was invited to occupy a store in the vocke Rd mall, thank goodness that I have been in Frostburg for 27 years. I have remodeled two different buildings (old G C Murphy) and a former restaurant, I have been blessed to have many other business people as neighbors.

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