In case you missed the information session last Wednesday, August 24, it is not too late to become part of the Mountain Maryland Solar Co-op. Last Wednesday’s meeting brought 45 citizens from Frostburg, Cumberland, and surrounding areas to learn about the Solar Co-op process.

Corey Ramsden, Director of MD SUN (Maryland Solar United Neighbors), gave a three part presentation on Solar Energy and the Co-op process focusing on the technology, the co-op and installation process, and financing. Attendees were able to ask many important questions during the session. Following Corey’s presentation, Laura McBride and Joe Rogers, representing the City of Frostburg, gave presentations on the City’s permitting process and information regarding solar panels in the Historic District.

Become part of the Mountain Maryland Solar Co-op!

If you missed the presentation, you can view a previously recorded version here!

To join the Mountain Maryland Solar Co-op, sign up here!
Signing up for the Solar Co-op is not a commitment to purchase panels. Signing up for the co-op allows you to have your roof evaluated and access to the installation pricing information. There will be no commitment to install until you sign a contract with an installer or financing institution!
Do you live in Frostburg? Contact Joe or Laura at (301)-689-6000 to request information on the permitting process or Historic District information.
Do you have questions regarding the Mountain Maryland Solar Co-op process? Contact Corey Ramsden at!