Lorenzo’s Bakery, located on 10 S. Broadway, has been a staple of Frostburg life since October of 1985. From cookies and birthday cakes to fresh-made donuts, Lorenzo’s Bakery is the one stop for all things sweet.

Lorenzo Seminerio first started baking at the age of ten in Italy. He worked in bakeries near his home, starting by cleaning bathrooms and progressing to learning how to bake alongside the owners. Lorenzo’s love for baking continued here in America, where he worked as a baker in various establishments. Lorenzo’s Bakery, as we know it today, first started when Lorenzo and his wife, Tammy, were only a year into their marriage. Lorenzo was working in a bakery in Oakland when he was contacted to open a bakery in Frostburg. They worked hard for two years until they were then able to purchase and own the business themselves.

Lorenzo does all of the baking, while Tammy helps with the cake decorating, the books, and sometimes with the storefront. “It’s very rare to find no one here”, Tammy stated. Lorenzo does all of the baking at night in preparation for the next day. “I’m up at 4 in the morning, and he started at 9:30 pm and just got off work an hour ago (1:30 pm).” The store sells a variety of Italian desserts and baked goods from cookies to donuts, bread, and Lorenzo’s personal favorite chocolate chip cookies. Lorenzo’s always has something delicious to eat. According to Tammy, their food has traveled all over the world, “Our customers say they can’t go somewhere without them taking our cookies or donuts.”

Although running, maintaining, and preparing for such an intensive job is hard work, Tammy and Lorenzo have found many friends, family, and connections through the business. “We’ve worked with a lot of families. We start by doing their wedding cake, then we do their baby shower cakes, then their kids’ birthday cakes, then even some of their children’s weddings cakes, and unfortunately, some of their funeral cakes as well,” Tammy expressed. Through working with the community, Lorenzo’s Bakery has become family for many in Frostburg. The Seminerio family has not only made friends with their customers, but feels connected to their local Frostburg business family as well. Lorenzo’s Bakery continues to work with the community through Frostburg’s events, including Storybook Holiday, where thousands of children receive free cookies for the holiday.

33 years later, Lorenzo’s Bakery is continuing to bake lots of sweets and grow within their community. From crafting cakes and cookies to creating long lasting friends and family, Lorenzo’s Bakery has become an integral part of what we know as downtown Frostburg.

Stay updated on everything that Lorenzo’s Barkey is doing, by visiting their website at http://lorenzosbakery.com or the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lorenzosbakery/.


Written by: Sidney Beeman– FrostburgFirst Fall 2018 Intern