We hope you are safe and healthy through this global pandemic. The international crisis that is COVID-19 has impacted everyone in such a short period of time and we send our love and best wishes to our surrounding community and the rest of the world. Throughout this crisis, on top of your own responsibilities, we ask that you remember Downtown Frostburg small businesses!

Small business owners are only a small sector of society that have been impacted by COVID-19 related closures, but the impact the crisis has had on their passion and their business model is incredibly daunting. Although all business and economic stimulation is a positive thing, small businesses offer a crucial aid to local, state, and the national economies.

Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a local business, an extra 25% of that money is kept within the community? That’s $68 to the local community versus $43 per every $100 spent! And through shopping at local businesses, you also support the local services, like accounting, marketing, and supplying that these business owners employ to help manage their business; whereas corporate businesses employ large marketing firms, build their own international supply chains, and have their own incorporated financial advisers.

Local retailers also offer a wider variety of products than found in bigger shops and offer finds so unique you may not even be able to find them on traditional corporate shelves. Creative minds and entrepreneurs are the kinds of people who built the nation, so why not support those kinds of people who reside near your home?

As for creating jobs, small business takes the cake. In 2017, small businesses employed nearly 80 million Americans, with every $10 million spent at local businesses creating 57 jobs versus 14 jobs at large corporations. Because of the jobs that small businesses offer, neighborhoods with successful downtown districts can see an increase in home value by 50% which in turn mills tax revenue from new residents to use for community infrastructure like schools and public safety.

Shop local. Never stop supporting local businesses. In trying times like these when you may feel unable to help from your home, the answer simply is: you still can, and pretty easily. Many of Downtown Frostburg’s businesses are tirelessly working to provide you with delivery services, online shopping options, and updates, classes, and tutorials on their social medias.

Also, purchase gift cards! Many of our business members already offered options for purchasing gift cards and they, with our help, are working to continue these services and to find ways to offer more!

You can look to our social media and here on our website for more updates regarding how COVID-19 is impacting our community and how you can continue to support local small business!