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Are you and your teammates prepared for Find Frostburg?  Having a wealth of Frostburg knowledge is only half the prep work in this interactive city-wide scavenger hunt!  Here are some ways to further prepare yourself to rack up points and win fabulous prizes!


Know the Rules

You can’t play any game if you don’t know the rules! Head over to the Find Frostburg Official Rules page and brush up on the requirements and restrictions of the game.  Failure to abide by the rules will cost you precious points!

Choose Your Teammates Wisely

Teams may have 2-5 players.  Having more players may mean more heads to put together when solving clues, but having less players means more prizes per player!  Consider who you know that has the most Frostburg knowledge.  Did your grandma grow up in Frostburg?  Maybe your neighbor is an aficionado of local history.  Convince them to join your team!

Come Prepared!

A cell phone (or digital camera) is a necessary component of the hunt.  Make sure your cell phone is completely charged when you arrive, and remember to bring an extra powerbank or battery just in case your phone runs out of juice!  You will also want to make sure that your phone has plenty of memory.

Make Sure Your Instagram Account Is Public

Submissions will be tracked real-time by the judges based off the hashtags you use when you post photos.  It’s important that your account is set to the public privacy setting.  The judges can’t give you points if they don’t have access to your photos!  You will know your points have been counted when the FrostburgFirst account likes your photo/video.  Also, double-check the spelling of your hashtags.  Points won’t be counted with incorrect hashtag spellings.  Don’t worry about fancy filters and photo-edits.  While we appreciate good photography, we are mostly concerned with whether you are in the right spot.

Make A Plan

While it may be tempting to immediately run off and begin the hunt, it is wise to take a few moments to look over the clue list and strategize your route.  Some clues are lumped in very close proximity to each other, so it is beneficial to try to determine where each clue leads before beginning the hunt.  You are not allowed to split up and divide tasks, so making a plan will save you lots of precious time!  You only have two hours to complete the hunt, and you must return to the Registration Station by 3 PM SHARP.  After a one minute grace period, points will be deducted per five minutes you are late.

Bring A Selfie Stick

You’ll be awarded 2 extra points per photo that includes your entire team.  You can always ask someone nearby to take a group photo, but having a selfie stick on-hand can help save time and gain your team some serious bonus points.

Talk To Business Owners!

If you get stumped on a clue, you are permitted to consult with local business owners and store employees.  They very likely will be able to help point you in the right direction.