FrostburgFirst’s Annual Membership Meeting is set for Tuesday, May 22, from 5:30-7 pm. The meeting will take place at The Draft Sports Bar and Grill.

The Annual Membership Meeting is a time for FrostburgFirst business members to vote on new Board of Directors/Officers for the organization, hear a State of the Main Street Address given by the Main Street Manager, and review the organization’s strategic plan.

FrostburgFirst is excited about the direction the organization is heading, and we’ve welcomed 3 new members stepping up to the “slate” of potential Board of Directors.

Below you will find our slate of Board of Directors to be voted on during the Annual Membership Meeting:


May 15, 2018


City of Frostburg appointed Board representatives (2)

Nomination TBD – City Council

Elizabeth Stahlman – City Staff

 Frostburg State University appointed Board representatives (2)

Joe Hoffman

Bill Mandicott

Nominations for FrostburgFirst Board of Directors:

Lauren Pappas (2 Year Term)

Meg Roque (3 Year Term)

Elizabeth Carder (3 Year Term)

Gerry LaFemina (3 Year Term)

Bill Bingman (3 Year Term)

Josh Grapes (3 Year Term)

Erin Gotay (3 Year Term)

Jacki Dixon (3 Year Term)

Diana Iman (3 Year Term)

Nominations for FrostburgFirst Board of Directors – Officers (Terms are for One Year)

 President                                Diana Iman

Vice President                       Meg Roque

Treasurer                              Joe Hoffman

Secretary                               Jacki Dixon

2018 Nominations Committee:

Joe Hoffman

Bill Mandicot

For more information about membership visit: