My name is Sidney Beeman and I am so excited to begin interning with FrostburgFirst this semester. Having the opportunity to work with FrostburgFirst not only is important to me because of the professional knowledge I will gain, but also because I get to work closely with my own hometown. I have lived in the city of Frostburg since I was born, graduating from Mountain Ridge High School and then choosing to stay in town for college.

I am currently in my senior year of college at Frostburg State University, where I am pursuing a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Video Production as well as two minors in Film Studies and Graphic Design. I first realized I was interested in video production after creating two documentaries about the local area in high school, ever since then video production has expanded my love for learning about anything and everything as well as allowing me to continue the story of many lives. 

Recently, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of video projects, including working closely with Director Kamala Lopez in Chicago to document the Equal Pay movement for her documentary Equal Means Equal. I also helped create, film, and produce the documentary film Life’s a Stage: The Gwen Lehman Story, which was featured in various Short Film Festivals. I worked closely with Latin É, a company working to uplift the Latino community to produce content to be featured on Roku, Apple TV, and much more. 

Aside from video work, I also have a passion for theater, which I am blessed to be able to pass on to the younger generation at Mountain City Center for the Arts where I teach students how to grow and become confident in acting. In my free time, I enjoy photography, watching movies, and reading, as well as driving Jet Skis at Deep Creek Lake in the summer. I also have a passion for travel and have traveled to China and Mexico before. 

A lot of my inspiration for my creative works comes from my love of history. I love learning about all things historical and I am inspired by works from the past. Some decades that I am specifically inspired by are the 1980’s, 1970’s and the 1940’s. I often use elements from these time period in my work and add a modern twist on these classic elements. I am also inspired by other cultures; learning more about other cultures allows me to maintain an open mind to the world around me. 

There are many, many parts of the Frostburg community that I enjoy, but if I had to pick my favorite businesses of Frostburg, I would say Main Street Books, The Palace Theatre, and the Princess Restaurant! I have been going to Main Street Books ever since I was a kid and I have fond memories of my Aunt Dee Dee bringing me there to buy books every time I visited her house. Main Street Books remains one of my favorite places to visit; I love talking to Mr. Fred, he always has the best book recommendations. Right down the street from Main Street Books is the Palace Theatre; not only is the Palace Theatre a historical part of Frostburg, but it brings films from many different cultures and time periods to our community. The building brings the history of Frostburg to life and I love being able to go and see a film that I may have never have had the chance to see in the theaters! I guess you can really tell that I have a love for history, especially with my next favorite place in Frostburg: The Princess Restaurant! I love the 1950’s diner feel and the food is delicious! I highly recommend the cherry rickies and the gravy fries! 

Frostburg to me will always be home. I love the combination of history, nature, and community that it has to offer. The mountains are breathtaking, and I love the small town feel. Wherever I go in life I’ll always know I have a place filled with friends and family in Frostburg. As an intern at FrostburgFirst I hope to gain professional knowledge of marketing and advertising strategies in a real-world setting. I hope to improve my writing techniques across multiple platforms as well as gain more experience in a professional setting.