Hi everyone! My name is Jaelen Hinnant Bernard and I am very happy to announce that I will be interning at Frostburg First for the Fall 2021 semester with Deirdre Robertson and Dana Bridges. Throughout the semester, I hope to gain plenty of valuable career experience, be an active participant in Frostburg’s community, and connect with members of this beautiful community. 

I am a senior at Frostburg State University studying mass communications, journalism, and graphic design. My hometown is Prince George’s County, Maryland which is only one hour and thirty minutes away from campus. Although I have spent three years of my life in Frostburg, I am still very new to the area and find something interesting everyday. A few hobbies of mine include taking photos, gaming, exploring nature, skateboarding, and sketching. I especially love taking photos of people, nature, architecture, vintage items, and cars. 

I am very excited to work with Frostburg First because they are especially community focused. I think that it is extremely important to build and sustain a community. So far, it seems like the members of Frostburg’s community have done an excellent job of doing so. Everyone seems to know one another, and are super kind and welcoming. I only want to be a participant in this community and hope to bring Frostburg’s residents even closer! 

I can’t wait to start!