Hello! My name is Olivia Howard and I am very excited to serve as an intern at FrostburgFirst during the Spring 2021 semester. During my time at Frostburg First, I hope to gain some valuable career experience, meet new people in the community, and learn more about the city of Frostburg. 

I am currently a senior at Frostburg State with a major in English and a minor in history. I am a proud graduate of both Fort Hill High School (class of 2015) and Allegany College of Maryland (class of 2017). I have had a passion for writing since I was in elementary school, but did not seriously consider it as a career until my junior year of high school. I love creative writing, especially poetry. My favorite poets are Robert Frost and Emily Dickenson, and my favorite author is Agatha Christie. 

Outside of school I enjoy reading, playing video games, singing, and exploring nature. In fact, most of my inspiration is drawn from the natural beauty of this area. I also enjoy acting. I have been in several local theatre productions, most recently with the Embassy Theatre and Acting Out for ALS. When I am not at my apartment in Frostburg, I like to spend my time at my parent’s home in Flintstone, just outside Green Ridge State Forest. There I enjoy going for adventure rides, cuddling with my cat Schweetie and playing with my 5 chickens: Clegane, Olenna, Broody, Arya, and Brienne. 

One of the reasons I am excited about interning at FrostburgFirst is that I love this town and would like to move here permanently one day. I have made so many special memories here over the years that I will always treasure. One of my favorite things about Frostburg is the tight-knit community, and Frostburg businesses play a big role in this. One of my favorite businesses in Frostburg is The Princess Restaurant. When I was a child, I often attended events like the Children’s Literature Festival and Storybook Holiday along with my mother and sister. We always got food at the Princess. It was so much fun to sit in a booth and scroll through the songs on the jukebox together. 

I am also a huge fan of Lorenzo’s Bakery. I had never had Lorenzo’s until one of my professors at FSU brought us a box of their donuts on the last day of class. Their cream filled donuts are the absolute best I have ever had! Another business in Frostburg that I love is Sand Springs Saloon & Steakhouse. I often meet my parents there to have dinner and have even celebrated a few birthdays there.

I look forward to getting started!