My name is Luke Riley and I am thrilled to be working with FrostburgFirst as an intern this semester. I opted to reach out to FrostburgFirst because in this community I see pride, not only for the town, but for small businesses in the area. I remember discovering Yellow K Records on Broadway and immediately planning my first visit. Its atmosphere and authentic feeling of focus on the music was something I knew I could find only there. The first time I ate at the Princess Restaurant on Main Street I knew I had found something special with a rich and vibrant small-town history (and great milkshakes, may I add). By working with the FrostburgFirst staff and the small businesses in the area I not only hope to push forward my professional knowledge in marketing, event planning, and relationship building but also to help stimulate the community.  

I am native to the beautiful, mountainous region that is Western Maryland, having been born and raised in nearby Oakland, MD in Garrett County. Oakland is very similar to Frostburg in its dedication to constant growth, improvement, and relationship building, so I feel extremely at home in this community. Working at Brenda’s Pizzeria at Deep Creek Lake (just a 40-minute drive from Frostburg) taught me responsibility, resilience, and taught me how to focus on hard work. I knew I wanted to build on these qualities and expand my education by attending college. Because of my sense of familiarity and comfort with the area, I decided to investigate the possibility of attending Frostburg State University. After discovering the school’s Mass Communication program and because of its proximity to home, I applied and was ultimately accepted into FSU.  

I began my academic journey at Frostburg State University in the Fall of 2017 and plan to graduate in Spring 2021 with my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. In my studies, I have focused on Media Promotions while also minoring in both Marketing and Public Relations. These fields of study have ignited a passion for how organizations and companies communicate their product, service, or purpose to the public in ways that are appropriate, strategized, creative, and purposeful.  

My experience at FSU has been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I received a thorough education, but I have also met countless amazing new friends, peers, educators, and advisors. I plan to take all these experiences into the workforce so that I can make my mark in the worlds of communication and marketing. Following graduation, I plan to eventually move to a larger city/ metropolitan area so that I can work as a marketing professional, possibly at a record label, or work in a public relations firm. I feel that keeping my goals open is more realistic. While I am extremely detail-oriented and rely on perfection, I do not want to limit my goal to only one profession, but rather focus on adaptability and flexibility.  

Outside of school and work, I enjoy anything from which I can take away something positive. I always enjoy a car ride with friends so that we can jam out to our favorite music and talk about our lives. Trips to the gym always teach me something about the strengths (and weaknesses) of my mind and body. Playing one of my favorite video games always gives me an outlet to escape and relax. All these experiences and so many more are some of the little parts of life that are often overlooked, but as I get older, I learn to appreciate them more and more. 

I look forward to all that awaits me as I begin my work with FrostburgFirst!