FrostburgFirst has partnered with local businesses to bring you ‘FSU Student Appreciation Week’ through Sunday, September 6 to celebrate your return to our small town!

Welcome back to Frostburg State University and welcome back to our beautiful small town! We hope you’ve adjusted and found your rhythm as you enter Week 3 of an unusual semester. Here at FrostburgFirst, we’re making it our priority to not only to continue to enhance our Downtown Business District, but also to be there for you and help you find comfort here! To start, we’ve coordinated with our amazing business members to bring you a week designed just for you: ‘FSU Student Appreciation Week’ now until this Sunday!

Frostburg is a small town, and we understand that for many students attending school here, many familiar chain restaurants and stores that people from larger towns and cities love simply can not be found here or in any of the surrounding areas. Instead, our unique city boasts an awesome variety of special small businesses that can offer selections that you can’t find anywhere else! To encourage you to explore what our town has to offer and find your favorite local pick-ups, many of these businesses have stepped up to offer exclusive discounts for FSU students ONLY!

What you need to do? Just bring your FSU ID and your favorite mask!

We’ve put together a flyer FULL of discounts offered by many of our favorite local stops! Your exclusive money-saving week runs through this upcoming Sunday, September 6. Need a mask? Ladybug Boutique, Madison Paige Boutique, and Mountain City Traditional Arts are all stocked with cool and comfortable masks, so check them out first! Get thirsty? Stop by Clatter for a Minky Swoop, and trust us, it’s as cool as it sounds! Too fast at homework and finding lots of free time? Shop around a bit at Main Street Books and Wholseome Harvest Co-op! All of these businesses and so many more are beyond excited to serve you! BUT, before you venture out, don’t forget to mask up and grab your FSU ID!

Throughout the year, contact us at (301) 689-6900 or and let us know of any way we can make your Downtown Frostburg experience better!