My name is Melai Boozer and I am a Junior at Frostburg State University. I am studying Mass Communication as my major, with two minors in Business Marketing and International Studies. When I am not dedicating my time to my school work or extracurricular activities, I like to either be in a relaxed or excited state. When I want to relax and slow down the pace, I love to read books and watch movies of all genres! When I am feeling adventurous I like to explore new places! Whether I am exploring something new that is local, or going some miles away to experience something, I love learning new things, visiting new places, and trying new things!

As I reference trying new things, I can’t help but to think about everything I have tried from local business here in Frostburg. One of my favorite places here is the coffee/ lounge, Clatter. Outside of the mainstream craze of Starbucks, Clatter has won its way into my caffeine loving heart. My favorite coffee drink from them is the Minky Swoop!

I am a very positively complex person. I am creative with ideas that may seem all over the place. What can I say…it’s an interesting process! When I think about where I draw my inspiration from, I have to first analyze what I am inspired by. I love anything peaceful and elegant, as well as anything that can push the limits. From that I would say that I am heavily influenced by the evolution of daring art, style, and glamour from the mid 1920’s to present day. From the styles of beauty, films, and music, I admire the process of evolution in those aspects, that ultimately led us to where we are present day.

What I hope to gain from being an intern at Frostburg First, is more experience in marketing and digital content creations. I want to be hands on in areas of advertising/marketing, media production, media writing for various platforms, event planning, and steadily developing overall confidence. I am beyond excited about my internship! I am a very optimistic person and I believe that I will learn great things and do great things for Frostburg First!