My name is Stephanie Ray, and I am a graduating senior (May 2019) at Frostburg State University. I will be receiving my degree in Mass Communications with a focus in event planning. I also have two minors in African American studies and Theater. I’ve always been a very organized person and am always coming up with ideas for fun things to do. Event planning felt like a good fit because I could bring those ideas to life. While I have an interest in event planning, I have always loved the arts, such as movies, museums and plays; that’s where my love of theater comes in. Lastly, I’m really big on activism and trying to make a difference, and my minor in African American studies allows me to express myself. When I’m not doing school work, I enjoy reading, doing D.I.Y. projects, volunteer work, and I try to travel as much as I can. I believe I’m good at helping people because not only do I enjoy it, but I do everything genuinely and because I want to.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom, who not only has her own nonprofit, but organizes and sets up events for the community such as Toys for Tots, feeding the homeless events and even pop-up events to show off local brands. I like to draw inspiration and ideas from what I have grown up around, so seeing my mom help out just made me more appreciative and inspired me to do the same. For the three and a half years that I’ve been in Frostburg, my favorite businesses have been the Princesse Restaurant and Gianni’s. Gianni’s has always had fast service and is very reasonably priced for college students, and the Princesse is what I believe is a cute vintage diner, that’s spacious and also reasonably priced.

Living in Frostburg, I have always loved the scenery and how open it is; I like the rustic feel. I’ve also have seen the potential Frostburg has to be a very active community with many businesses offering great experiences. As an intern at FrostburgFirst, I hope to gain perspective on ways to help businesses, especially smaller businesses which I’m fairly new to; the community I normally serve is Baltimore city, which is a big change.  I am not only excited to share what I have learned, but I am also proud to help support this cute and charming town.