FrostburgFirst wishes you a Happy New Year and hopes that you are staying warm during these chilly days, finding comfort in your home, and time to spend doing the things that make you happy. It was an amazing year; from the 3rd Annual Cocoa Crawl, two in-person Arts Walks, a successful Pig Out in the Park, to another year of “Shop Small Season;”  we found more ways than ever to vitalize our beautiful town. Whatever events you attended, or whichever businesses you frequented, we thank you for your support throughout a year filled with change. 


2022 is a fresh start! In this year, and with every New Year, the days continue to tick on as usual, but things feel a little different, right? Frostburg has new businesses, we have had some new events, and the world felt a little more normal as we were able to spend some time together in person. We are beginning to think of how we want 2022 to be. What places do we want to go? What plans do we want to make? How will 2022 be better than 2021? 


We know that at the end of one year and the beginning of another, it’s only tradition to come up with New Year’s resolutions: goals you want to reach, ideas you want to explore, or things in your life that you want to change! In deciding on which resolution or resolutions to make, it can be a tough choice, maybe being limited by finances, available time, lifestyle, or lack of ideas. However, we come with a resolution to help you with your resolutions! Luckily, our wonderful, small Mountain Maryland town has everything that you need to help kick your New Year’s resolution(s) into high gear right from the beginning! Long gone are the days of “last *insert sweet treat or bad habit* until I start my New Year’s resolution!” or giving up and pushing it back to next year, because Frostburg is right beside you this year to help you succeed! Check out just some of the ways Frostburg can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!