On Thursday, July 30th City officials attended the grand plug-in and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Potomac Edison EV Charging Station in the parish parking lot behind St. Michael’s Church. The ribbon cutting was attended by City Administrator, Elizabeth Stahlman, City commissioners, city hall staff members, and FrostburgFirst. Mayor Robert Flanigan provided an introduction and the ribbon was cut by Commissioner Nina Forsythe and James Crowder, the head of external affairs at FirstEnergy Corp. 


The state of Maryland, at the start of the EV Driven program of the MD Public Service Commission initiative, had about 10,000 electric vehicles on the road, but Governor Larry Hogan has set a goal of 300,000 by 2025. The issue, as stated by James Crowder, “in particular in Western Maryland, is range anxiety.” There are not enough charging stations available in this part of Maryland to make owning an electric car a feasible option for those living or traveling in the area.


The EV Driven program through Potomac Edison is partnering with cities and communities to install charging stations at no cost to the community in a hope to encourage EV travel to our area and more purchases. Crowder elaborates that, “Getting these across the footprint of Maryland, and Potomac Edison’s footprint, is a big step towards increasing the number of electric vehicles that we will have in the state.”


Frostburg Commissioner of Water, Parks, and Recreation, Nina Forsythe stated, “this charging station puts Frostburg on the map, literally, because EV (electric vehicle) owners can see on their dashboard that there is a charging station in Frostburg.” This gives opportunities for visitors who otherwise may have passed Frostburg by to stop and spend a few hours enjoying our downtown shops and restaurants while their vehicle charges. The charging station installed in the parish parking lot is a Level 2 charging station that will charge an electric vehicle in 4-6 hours (from completely dead to full charge). 


Forsythe goes on to say that this move “integrates Frostburg into the growing EV infrastructure” and opens the door for further growth and opportunities. She states that the city has plans for an EV expo next Spring showcasing many types of EV vehicles models in Frostburg, info about tax credits, and new developments in the field. 

Learn more about local incentives at https://www.firstenergycorp.com/help/saving_energy/electric-vehicles/maryland-ev/maryland-ev.html or about the EV mission across the state at marylandev.org 

Dana Bridges

FrostburgFirst Marketing & Communications Coordinator

August 2020