For the past few years, we have hosted an annual Downtown Frostburg Arts Walk in the Spring, bringing together our local small businesses and artists around our region. Designed to allow visitors to guide themselves and walk through streets of art and entertainment, the Arts Walk involves Downtown businesses partnering with artists to allow them to display their works in their storefronts. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis we unfortunately had to postpone our physical Spring Arts Walk, forcing us to look for other ways to celebrate art and business coming together. Our solution: a Virtual Arts Walk hosted via social media!

We put together our Virtual Arts Walk intending to create a virtual gallery where artists from the around the area could come together to share their work and to entertain everyone stuck at home. We featured informational videos that provided insights into what artists do, highlights of their work, and how they do what they do. Our community responded with open arms, and that’s what made the Virtual Arts Walk work! Did you see Parris Ashley invite us into his home studio and give an inside look into his work? Or how about the pure soaps produced by Wynter’s Haven?

We were delighted with the response to our first Virtual Arts Walk! Our local businesses shared their passions with us, visitors commended artists on their works, asked where they could purchase items, and looked for further information. We wanted to stimulate excitement and interest in our community about the arts and we are so glad that to live in an area where we have such driven and talented artists with an even stronger fanbase!

Recap the Virtual Arts Walk here!

And look out for other Virtual events that we’ll be hosting soon to keep you in touch with Downtown Frostburg! Have a cool idea for a virtual or streamed event? Let us know at!