Michael Warnick is a Maryland native and is currently 20 years old. He graduated high school in 2020 and started his first year of college at West Liberty University. Mike has a major in Digital Media Design with a concentration in video editing and hopes to use his degree to get a job in the digital media industry. He hopes to eventually have his own business with filming and editing. His hobbies include tattooing, listening to music, and making art. In 2022, Michael was introduced to radio through a class in college and it became something Mike really enjoyed. Currently, he hosts a series called “Mention it with Mike” and features a list of students with different perspectives from all over the world. The series enables students to be entertained with interesting and educational interviews, and it also provides other students with a chance to share their personal experiences, beliefs, traditions, and perspectives.

In Mike’s free time, he enjoys training in martial arts, growing gardens, and training dogs. Mike has rescued around 40 dogs in the last year from kill shelters and retrained them for their forever homes. Mike has kept two of the dogs, an emaciated puggle named Axl and an abused Pitbull named Chivo. Both dogs are trained in Spanish and have jobs around the house from hunting rodents to sport and show. Michael finds happiness in bringing positivity to animals and people.

Mike can be best described as motivated, dedicated, ambitious, determined, and intelligent. He is very outgoing and has a personality that works well with other people and takes pride in making those people smile. As a graphic designer, video editor, and Tv and radio host Mike has learned how to communicate and work with people under pressure. Born and raised in Frostburg, MD, his goal is to communicate and spread happiness with each other. “The only way to fight evil is with peace, because if you don’t break the cycle it’s doomed to repeat.”- Mike.

Michael’s portfolio, contact information, and resume are all listed in the following link. Don’t hesitate to contact him with any questions or comments!