Skip the mall and Shop Small! Kick off your holiday shopping in Downtown Frostburg at Small Business Saturday on November 25.  Our small business owners and local artists are excited to offer you discounts, unique events, free giveaways, and much more – for one day only!  Start your day by picking up your shopping guide at City Place, and enjoy hot cocoa and Lorenzo’s donut holes, compliments of FrostburgFirst as a thank you for shopping small.  As you shop, take advantage of our free bag check – just leave your name and phone number, and we’ll hold your packages for you.  Don’t forget to check back in later for our free gift wrapping service!

Still need convincing?  Read on for more reasons to shop at independent retailers this holiday season.

1. Sleep In

Don’t worry about setting a 3 AM alarm! You don’t have to camp out in front of the store to cash in on Frostburg’s Small Business Saturday specials.  Many stores open between 9 and 11 AM, meaning you can hit the snooze button and get some extra rest before a big day of shopping!

2. Save Money

Many of our downtown businesses will be offering freebies and discounts for one day only.  Download our shopping guide to plan ahead! With so many options, strategic shopping is always a good idea!  Also, enjoy free parking city-wide throughout the holiday season so you don’t have to worry about feeding the parking meter as you shop.

3. Invest in your community

It’s been said that every dollar you spend casts a vote for the world you want to live in.  When you spend your dollars at a local business, you are casting a vote for a stronger economic base and sense of community in Downtown Frostburg.  Main Street businesses have reported record sales thanks to our annual Small Business Saturday promotion, providing a surge for our local economy.

4. Join the Crowd

Last year, over 112 million individuals nationwide came out for Small Business Saturday.  This growing trend of support for small businesses is a cause for celebration!  Every year, Frostburg welcomes hundreds of shoppers to shop at our downtown retailers and meet local artists at the Handmade Holiday Fair in City Place.  Round up your friends and join us for this festive downtown holiday!

5. Support Local Individuals

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize all the hard work and sacrifices that owning a small business requires.  When you shop small, you aren’t just padding the pockets of a CEO.  You are helping a parent afford dance classes or piano lessons; you’re supporting a young professional’s dream; you’re putting food on a family’s table.  When our community members support each other, the community at large becomes stronger, richer, and more resilient.  Shopping at independently-owned businesses allows you to support the makers, the dreamers, and the doers.

6. Make Deeper Connections

Small Business Saturday could be the start of a beautiful relationship with Downtown Frostburg!  Every time you patronize a local business, you are building a more personal connection with Frostburg’s businesses and their owners.  As you continue to frequent downtown businesses, they start to feel more like home, and the staff becomes more like family.

Are you sold? Click here to check out a listing of Small Business Saturday specials and artist appearances at the Handmade Holiday Fair!