Introducing Chuk, Our Newest Intern!


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Hi everyone! My name is Chuk. I am a 20-year-old senior studying at Frostburg State University. I major in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Multimedia Design, and minor in Economics. When I am not doing school work, I like to entertain myself by playing soccer or video games, hanging out with friends, or learning a new language. After graduation, I plan on doing what I do best by working for a business firm as an advertiser/designer.

A lot of my inspiration is drawn from my childhood. When I was young, my older sister used to draw little cartoon characters for fun. I thought they were so cool, so I started drawing my own cartoon characters too. Eventually it became a part of me, and now I can’t stop!

Although art was my first love, I also picked up an interest in writing while I was still young. It started from little things like writing stories to more complex things like “critical analyses.” But despite what was thrown my way, I never found writing difficult or stressful, and for that reason, I still enjoy writing today.

My favorite businesses in Frostburg are Eastern express and Fatboy’s, mostly because good, yet inexpensive food is a college student’s best friend! I enjoy living in Frostburg for 3 main reasons: it is diverse, it has a beautiful scenery and it has cool events like the car show.

As an intern for FrostburgFirst, I hope to gain some experience on how businesses work, and what can be done to promote a business effectively. This would give me an advantage in the work force because I would have already attained the hands-on experience that is needed.