Chris Sloan, owner of Transmedia Design, is the 2018 Lamppost Banner Design Contest winner. Commenting on the Lamppost Banner Design Contest, Sloan remarks, “When I was the Executive Director of the Allegany Arts Council, I saw that Frostburg had a lot going on. I’ve always wanted to help with the local art and cultural scene in whatever way I could. I entered this contest because I care about the success of this small town and I want to display great boulevard banners within the community.”

Sloan’s banner designs include abstract backgrounds, geometric shapes and vibrant colors with efforts to portray Frostburg’s environmental scene. The large arcs on the banners include what Sloan deems as, “some of the major themes of Frostburg.” The arcs include a bike wheel for the bike trail, a plate of food for downtown dining, and a mandolin for music.

Pictured: Chris Sloan and his lamppost banner designs. Join us at the Frostburg Arts Walk on Saturday, April 28, 2018 to see his banners unveiled!


With his banner designs speaking to both locals and tourists alike, Sloan says, “I’d like to think that locals will recognize themes in the banners that are local strengths we can be proud of. I hope that tourists will see the banners, which have easily recognizable themes, and know that we have great food, music, and biking here.”

Sloan’s company, Transmedia Design, is a multi-platform design service located in Cumberland, Maryland (MD). Prior to starting his company, Sloan served as the Art Director for several publications, including National Geographic Magazine and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. Sloan was also the Executive Director for the Allegany Arts Council from 2014-2017.

Sloan mentions, “Transmedia Design is a company I started in order to take advantage of the many software platforms now available to designers to express ideas. I’ve worked on everything from exhibitions and videos to 3D modeling and print.”

Locally, Sloan’s well-known work includes the design of the new exhibition halls at the Allegany Museum and the “Welcome to Cumberland” sign on the CBIZ building in Cumberland, MD.

Sloan’s “Welcome to Cumberland” design featured on the CBIZ building in Cumberland, MD.

Sloan’s banner design series will be hung and revealed to the public during a dedication ceremony at this year’s Frostburg Arts Walk on Saturday, April 28, 2018. Arts Walk will also feature artist vendors, crafts and activities, live performances and much more.