My name is Shayla Yaeger. I am currently a senior at Frostburg State University. Being a Mass Communication major, I plan on using the skills I’ve learned at school during this internship at Frostburg First. In addition to my major, I decided to enroll in a Graphic design minor and Small business/Entrepreneurship minor. Outside of my studies, I spend most of my time swimming, doing photography and traveling. Photography has allowed me to show off my creative personality.

Frostburg has been my home my whole life and I am excited to help out the community and work with local businesses. Some of my favorite local businesses would include Main Street Books, Lorenzo’s Bakery, and the Princess restaurant. Books are going out of style for the current generation, but I enjoy going into Main Street Books and finding a good story that isn’t on a screen. Every year on my birthday, I would go to Lorenzo’s bakery and get my favorite chocolate chip doughnut. Visiting the Princess restaurant is very popular when it comes to my family. It reminds me of the old-time diner where a father and daughter can sit at the bar and drink milkshakes together. Frostburg is a small town. When I go to local events like the cruise-in or derby days, it is very likely I will see people I know. This town makes me feel comfortable and safe. Everyone is supportive and friendly which is why I think the local businesses thrive and make me feel at home.

This internship will help me gain experience when working closely with business owners and event planning. I am hoping to use some of my photography skills and capture moments that will help promote the community. Being able to work on both the business and design side of things, it will help expand my skills in the field.