Last month we posted an article about the Hometown Heroes in our beautiful small town, putting a spotlight on the Frostburg leaders who were using their own time, money, and talent to lend a hand to those in need during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Businesses owners donated food to hospitals, individuals delivered meals to emergency personnel, and local restaurants tailored new menu items specifically to making dinner a little easier for local families. This time, we would like to highlight all of the essential workers who are still working and keeping the vital functions of society alive!

First, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the most obvious heroes: emergency personnel. Hospitals, police departments, EMS squads, and firehouses are headquarters for strength, resilience, and immense care for the rest of a community; and their dedication to keeping us safe is unparalleled. However, there are a lot of other workers who are essentially heroes, being deemed ‘essential employees’ and thus still working as normal while others work safely from home.

Think about your delivery driver from your favorite local restaurant….yep, they are essential, conveniently providing you a hot meal when you’re too busy to cook. The cashier at Walmart who made your day by being just a little kind is also an essential worker, helping you find the things you need to take care of who you love and doing it with a smile. But it doesn’t stop there. Food service employees, primary care employees, road crews, gas station/ convenience store employees, pet store employees, and utility service workers are just some of the individuals who continue to work to keep society running during COVID-19.

So how you can help these workers in their day-to-day lives? Just say your thanks! Tell them how they make your life easier, how they made your day, or how they do what they do better than anyone else. Write a review for that amazing local restaurant, ask a retail store owner who’s eager to open how you can still support them right now, or just go out of your way to be nice to someone! Pass on the positivity and appreciation that makes Frostburg a wonderful place to live and work.